UnderGround Wrestling: A Night of Heartache 2/7/15

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UnderGround Wrestling returns LIVE on Saturday February 7th, 2015 from Villa Park, IL with A Night of Heartache! UGW brings you the best mix of wrestling talent that you don’t see in the same ring everywhere else! Come witness this event and join the new revolution of pro wrestling entertainment in the Midwest!

Doors open at 6:15PM, Show starts at 7PM

270 W. North Ave Unit 21
Villa Park, IL 60181

Tickets: $10 for Adults & $5 for kids under 12 years old

***$2.50 BEER BOTTLES****

UGW Tag Team Championship Tournament – 1st Round:
The High Priests w/James Russo
Scumbag Nation (Rude Boy Riley & Logan Black)

Little is known about the High Priests as they have been seen interjecting themselves into Jesus Bryce’s matches against Mike Matthews. Now James Russo has entered the two masked men in the tournament to become Tag Team Champions. Scumbag Nation is making their way from New York to enter the tournament and will be the debut of Rude Boy Riley & Logan Black to the UGW audience.
Singles Match:
Geoffrey Percival Austere (GPA)
“Delicious” Danny Scott

In the later part of 2014, DDS thought that by defeating GPA, that he had vanquished him from UGW forever…that was until GPA showed up in December to accept DDS’ open challenge along with “Hot Chocolate” Acid Jaz. While GPA was able to gain the victory over Jaz, DDS was able to get away from the revenge that GPA sought out for.

Both men, by winning their 1st round matches in the UGW Championship Tournament, had one more chance to lock it up which say Danny Scott bend the rules to advance to the finals while GPA was left pleading his case to the referee.

Now, both men will do battle once again to hopefully end this feud that Scott started by doing what he does best….running his mouth….and it will happen on 2/7 at “A Night of Heartache!”
Singles Match:
“The Tyrant of Technology” Ovirload
“Hot Chocolate” Acid Jaz

Ovirload is coming off of a very successful year and an impressive showing in the tournament to crown the first UGW Champion by defeating Haunter Strange & losing to fellow Curse member and first champion “American Voodoo” Mojo McQueen. Acid Jaz ended his Underground Wrestling year losing in a Triple Threat Match to GPA, which also include “Delicious” Danny Scott and then withdrew himself from the Championship Tournament.
Singles Match (Non-Title):
“American Voodoo” Mojo McQueen (C)
Brendan Conway

In his first match as the Underground Wrestling Champion, Mojo McQueen will face off against the man that gave as much as he took from Mojo in the first round of the Championship Tournament, Brendan Conway.

UGW Management, and more importantly the fans, have been more than impressed with the “rookie” Conway. The reaction that he receives show after show has earned him an opportunity against the champion to show that he is not a just a flash in the pan but a legit contender and a possible future champion.
UGW Tag Team Championship Tournament – 1st Round
#Glitterbomb (Skitz M. Jones & Bryan Fellowes)
The Young Dragons (Josh Crane & Tripp Cassidy)

#Glitterbomb has to be put their war with Four Star Heroes on hold as they look to win their first round match to become the first Tag Team Champions. Crane & Cassidy are graduates of Billy Roc’s School of Roc Wrestling program in Indiana and will be making their UGW debut, looking to pick up the upset over Fellowes & Skitz.
Singles Match:
“The Angel of Flight” Mike Matthews
“Marvelous” Matt Knicks

“The Angel of Flight” Mike Matthews makes his return to Underground Wrestling after having the unfortunate fate of not making it for the UGW Championship Tournament due to weather conditions cancelling flights all over the Midwest. After 10 months of dealing with Jesus Bryce and finally vanquishing him in a brutal Steel Cage Match, Matthews continues to look at climbing that proverbial latter.

With the UGW Tag Title Tournament now, in full effect and the Four Star Heroes’ First round match not occuring until 3/14, “Marvelous” Matt Knicks has decided to take a shot at the man from Gotham. You have to be wondering if Knicks will be watching his back as #Glitterbomb will be in the house and their war is FAR from over.
Also Scheduled to appear:
Dale Patricks
Devin Bliss
Kunai Silencio